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Valheim Plus

ValheimPlus allows you to change and modify several features, mechanics and behaviors of the game Valheim including

Improving the Gameplay Quality of Valheim

Check out a few our features below, you can also find a full detailed list here.
Advanced Building
Players can modify an object's position and rotation in the default building mode and our additional modes.
Advanced Editing
Players can select an existing item by pressing the hotkey, they can then modify the object's position and rotation.
Shared Map
Players can share the discovered map whether they are online or offline, it syncs to the server upon joining.
Change Server Slots
Part of a large clan? We make it possible for you to adjust your server slots to any size and even remove the password!
Craft From Chests
Players can craft from chests when using the hammer, cooking stations and workbenches.
Build From Chests
Players can build from chests when using the hammer tool.
Fuel From Chests
Players can automatically fuel all fire sources from chests.
Auto Deposit Items
Players can auto deposit items into chests from the beehive, kiln, smelter and furnace.

How does the Installation Work?

You're only a few simple steps away
1Download V+

Download the mod and its required dependencies from this page for your respective operation system and needs.

2Install V+

Install valheim plus on your client and on your server if you are using a dedicated server. You can follow these detailed instructions on how to.


Change the values, settings and features to your liking inside the provided valheim_plus.cfg.
Instructions about that here.

Want a simple and good hosting solution?

We teamed up with one of the best game hosting companies out there to make sure we can offer you the best quality dedicated game server hosting at affordable prices.

We work together closely to make sure all of our features are integrated and working at all times. We also have a full time dedicated Zap-Hosting support team to help you out in our discord in addition.

Valheim Plus Discord

Join our community in discord to talk to others enjoying our mods and potentially report issues, post suggestions, talk with us directly or find other people to play with.

We additionally also welcome anyone to join our alpha testing channels of pre-release versions of Valheim Plus for quality assurance.

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