Release Date: 17/09/2021

Changelog (Update related changes)

  • Fixed GetAttackStamina refactor from GetStaminaUsage.
  • Fixed Refactored and slightly changed GetDifficulty functions.
  • Fixed issues with Stamina Bar text, its removed now since the vanilla game offers the option to show it.
  • Fixed missing parameters in IsOverlapingOtherPiece in Player.
  • Fixed AttachStart missing parameters.
  • Removed displayStaminaValue setting from Hud Category.
  • Removed very old stagnant code of deconstructing items in Hud class.
  • Fixed RepairOneItem transpiler missing stub parameter.
  • Added a catch to the unarmed damage to ensure at least between 0-2 damage on low unarmed skill levels.

Changelog (Valheim Plus related changes)

  • Fixed Auto Deposit behavior of the Beehive
  • Auto Deposit of the Beehive no longer deposits to chests as soon as it has honey but instead when its full.
  • Fixed Auto Deposit behavior related to Beehive gathering sounds being played every 10 seconds.
  • Fixed Fireplace behavior, fires are now correctly included or excluded by being auto filled / never running out of fuel.
  • Fixed issues related to custom tools from other mods having 0 durability with the durability section enabled.

Known Issues

  • Map Pin/Marker sharing still does not work properly in all cases, if you encounter issues with your map- deactivate it.

There are a few known issues that where present in previous versions. We are around 90% sure that we catched all severe issues due to the H&H update. However, you can never be entirely sure so if you do find issues please report them to us.

EDIT: About Tar.Gz The website we previously used to pack the .tar.gz files changed the way it worked and just re-factored the entire contents of the package to unix file system paths. As soon as we noticed, we reuploaded everything in the correct format, sorry! Should be resolved now, Github cache might still contain old data.

PS: Thanks for your patience everyone in the last 24 hours!

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Release Date: 09/06/2021

  • Fixed ABM and AEM inconsistency when moving objects back and forth.
  • Updated for game version 0.154.1.

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Release Date: 23/05/2021

  • Fixed several issues related to the Map Pin UI.
  • Improved consistency of threshold for the kiln beyond the coal threshold when coming back into the same area.
  • Added a option to disable being Encumbered from items.
  • Fixed the description for the Brightness feature.
  • Incorrect ini setting names being present.
  • Missing ini setting.

The ini changes mentioned above are: Inside [Kiln]

  • ignorePrivateArea to ignorePrivateAreaCheck

Inside [Game]

  • disableFog=false has been readded

Known issues

  • The option for the additional display of arrows in your inventory has a few bugs we will need to care of, should not impact gameplay.

A few other things not really note worthy.

Easy to setup and ready to use ValheimPlus servers can be rented here at with this release version !

Release Date: 20/05/2021


  • Fixed the Spinning Wheel default value to 50 instead of 40.
  • Updated HUD code for clock display to only be updated on every second change instead of every frame.
  • Added a option to disable Fog
  • Added a option to increase brightness at night
  • Fixed the furnace allowAllOres feature
  • Added separate option for enemy spawn range around workbenches/wards
  • Fixed issues related to the Pet features
  • Fixed issues related to swimming not having its entire stamina cost reduced to 0 when set to -100
  • Added a hud setting to show the current amount of arrows when a bow is equipped.
  • Fixed some spelling errors in our mod descriptions and config file
  • Added options related to beds, including the ability to sleep on beds without setting your spawnpoint when a hotkey is pressed.
  • Added option to show boats and carts on the map with icons.
  • Added debug work towards a settings ui in the main menu.
  • Added a UI to select icons and share pins with people that are online.
  • Fixed Fireplace placement error.
  • Fixed Brazier not being affected by Fireplace settings.
  • Changed technical behavior of player weight calculations to further improve mod compatibility.

A few more undocumented internal code changes and preparations for future features. They aren't really noteworthy and can be ignored for now.

Updating To update your Valheim Plus installation simply download the correct package and unpack it into your game folder. If you want to manually update only your .dll download the 0.9.8 dll and place it into the BepInEx\plugins\ folder in your game or server folder. You can find more detailed instructions on our website.

Easy to setup and ready to use ValheimPlus servers can be rented here at with this release version !

Release Date: 05/04/2021


  • Fixed several FPS issues related to crafting from nearby sources.
  • Addressed the issue of the Food rack deleting food resources.
  • The game now mutes itself when in background with a configuration for it in the options menu.
  • Fixed Structural Integrity not allowing placement in free air
  • Changed default iron chest rows to 4 instead of 3
  • Added auto deposit and auto pull for Windmill, Spinning Wheel and Fermenter
  • Added configuration for Windmill, Spinning Wheel
  • Fixed Torches and Fireplaces running out of fuel
  • Added a option to merge items when collecting your tombstone items with already existing stacks of the same item type
  • Fixed noMysticalForcesPreventPlacementRestriction
  • Added a option to always skip the intro on a new character
  • Added a option to remove the "i have arrived" notification on spawn
  • Added option to force enable and disable the in-game console.
  • Allow manual switching to any shield with autoEquipShield active.
  • Added the ability to queue weapon changes mid-attack that will get executed after the animation finished.
  • Added a option to prevent Kiln from processing Fine Wood & Round Log.
  • Beehive now autoDeposits in nearby chests without interaction.
  • The Game section related changes to game difficulty should now be less conflicting with other mods.
  • Allow re-equipping of items after swimming automatically
  • Added an option to stop Kiln from pulling resources from chests when reaching a specific Coal threshold
  • Fixed a issue regarding the Games difficulty scale range modification not being applied correctly
  • Added UI scaling to the mute in background checkbox
  • Fixed rare Container.Awake error, didn't impact the game
  • Fixed some smaller issues regarding the item despawn timer
  • Fixed Kiln default values from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Fixed default values for fermenter
  • Added a option to disable the tutorials
  • Added a option to show the portal name on hover
  • Added projectile modification sections for players (applies to bow and javelin) with skill scaling options and for monsters
  • Added a in-game clock
  • Added a option to allow all ores in the blast furnace
  • Added Pet options to change the games behavior regarding tamed animals.
  • Fixed some issues related to crafting from nearby chests
  • Added a option to change gathering rates for items that are picked up
  • Added a option to adjust player fall damage
  • Overhauled the entire ini file descriptions
  • Added a automatic download of the latest ini file of the installed version if its not present.
  • Added a automatic update of the currently present ini file to the new format on update, preserving previous settings.
  • Added a Vortex version to the Nexus mod page to support the installation over vortex

Mod Description and Documentation

We are currently working extensively on improving our mod description on nexus mods and on our website. Within the next few days we will be updating the website documentation for 0.9.7 with more extensive descriptions for each feature, to really provide a extensive set of instruction and information about each of our features.


We will continue to upload the version of our mod including BepInEx on GitHub, however we are also always uploading the dll and configuration file in addition. We also started to supply a "Vortex" package on the Nexus mod page that is fully compatible with Vortex and does not include BepInEx.

Auto Updating of the Configuration

The first time you start your game, the current configuration will be downloaded from GitHub for the respective release. If there is already a version of the valheim_plus.cfg present, it will update it automatically to the latest version while preserving settings. We hope that fixes most of the annoyances with updating ValheimPlus.

12.05.2021 BepInEx Issues with Valheim Update 0.153.2

The github release for 0.9.7 was updated with the new BepInEx folder and the updated stripped unity files, it might take a few hours until the GitHub cache gets completely invalidated for everyone. If you want to manually update your BepInEx you can find the required files here. (They can also be found in this release now called "unstripped_corlib")

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Release Date: 23/03/2021


  • Changed unix .sh scripts to be more reliable and should cause less issues on multiple different unix environments.
  • Fixed Auto Deposit lost item issues and the issue of containers not being selected in the correct order.
  • Added Grid Alignment System to allow placement of objects in a specific pre defined "grid" for the default placement mode and free rotation placement mode
  • Reduced the default unarmed damage to 70 instead of 120.
  • Your current skill level is also displayed in the experience gained notification
  • Added a option to turn off the guardian buff animation
  • Added a option to disable the placement and hammer destruction restrictions of areas with "Mystical Forces"
  • Added serverSyncHotkeys to allow clients to join servers and retain their own configuration of hotkeys
  • Added option to allow building from nearby chests
  • Fixed Megingjord buff interaction
  • Added option to allow crafting from nearby chests using
    • Hammer
    • Cooking Stations (racks & alchemy)
    • All kind of workbenches
  • Added option to allow pulling fuel from nearby chests for
    • Kiln
    • Smelter
    • Furnace
    • Fire Sources
  • Removed dataRate from [Server] section since this value has been removed in the latest valheim version, we might reintroduce this value with the next version of valheim plus.
  • Added a banner from our partners on the server list, this banner can be disabled via the configuration file.


We have launched our website, take a look at You can find a documentation, a system to vote on suggestions and more in depth details about the project in general on it.

❤️ We have also expanded our team with healiha and NCJ

Next versions onward will not be supplying BepInEx with every posted update, more on this with 0.9.7 release

Configuration file

Currently you are still required to update your configuration file manually or use either the valheim plus installer or this website as assistance. The next patch will have a system in place to provide more quality of life for this issue, it didn't make it into this version.

In-game Console

The most recent version of valheim removed the console access by default, you will need to add "-console" as startup parameter.

Easy to setup and ready to use ValheimPlus servers can be rented here at with this release version !

Release Date: 13/03/2021

  • Fixed the issues regarding inventory not respecting the configuration settings
  • Fixed the issues regarding dying with expanded inventories
  • Fixed the Guardian Power cooldown/duration
  • Changed the default FOV to 65 instead of 85

Known Issues

  • Everything regarding multiplayer and auto deposit. We would recommend you turning that off for now until our next BIG patch adds a whole bunch of properly tested related features.

Easy to setup and ready to use ValheimPlus servers can be rented here at with this release version !

Release Date: 13/03/2021


  • Fixed Torch durability
  • Changed showFermenterDuration to showDuration
  • Added Beehive Auto Deposit
  • Added option to display Beehive duration until the next honey is produced
  • Fixed potential issues with enforceMod
  • Fixed potential issues related to auto deposit and Mills and other production based entities (does not entirely fix lost items bug, yet)
  • New free placement rotation mode for the default placement mode of the game
  • Added block rating modifier for shields
  • Updated the default difficulty scale of damage to 4% instead of 40%
  • Option to Repair multiple pieces instead of just one when repairing
  • Option to Disable food health/stamina bonus decreasing over time until food runs out
  • Option to Auto repair equipment when interacting with workbench
  • Option to have Hammer repairs all pieces in a radius around the target piece
  • Death penalty modifiers
  • Rested bonus per comfort level modifier
  • Radius for pieces to contribute to comfort modifier
  • Workbench attachment radius modifier
  • Pieces always drop their full resources when destroyed setting
  • ABM and AEM fixed in multiplayer instances
  • Map Sync system that syncs your map progression on respawn and on server join with the server and allows you to have the same map progression as everyone else.
  • Fixed issues regarding disableDamageToPlayerStructures preventing structural integrity damage and added disableDamageToPlayerBoats in addition as a separate option. - Added option to modify the Buff duration and Cooldown of Guardian skills
  • Added a First Person camera mode
  • Changed the way we handle player weight to be more compatible with other mods
  • Made changes to the way Valheim Plus is loaded and unloaded when joining/leaving servers, this should remove some of the issues observed.
  • Changed the way the version control detects a new version, this should results in less issues related to that feature.
  • Fixed workbench radius display & spawn prevention.

New Map Synchronization System

This option is enabled and disabled by [Map] shareMapProgression This is a sophisticated new version of a proper map sync with networking, local storage and other neat features. It's a complex and reliable system for syncing everyone map progression on server join, even when the person was offline for a longer period of time. TLDR; Its a server sided map sharing system using networking to convey map progression to each client based on the servers map.

Known Issues

  • Inconsistent Auto Deposit behavior, we are on this. Our next update will focus on crafting from nearby chests, automatic furnace input and while we are at it we will also make sure to fix this specific issue once and for all.


We have more in our pipe and we would like to encourage other mod creators to reach out to us if they are interested in seeing their mods or features be added to V+. Everyone is welcome, all doors open and we aren't choosing beggars either- you will be paid for your contribution just like everyone in our development team at the moment.

Easy to setup and ready to use ValheimPlus servers can be rented here at with this release version !

Release Date: 06/03/2021


  • Added a option to remove structure damage to buildings built by players
  • Added a option to disable portals
  • Added no weather damage to objects placed in water
  • Added a option to the Gathering to increase drop chances of resources from resource nodes
  • Fixed iron scrap not being affected by gathering rates
  • Fixed issues from crop notifications

To fix the console issue remove "Valheim\BepInEx\plugins\Valheim.DisplayBepInExInfo.dll". It will no longer be included in future releases.

Known Issues

  • AEM / ABM seem to have a few issues if multiple people are nearby the player, we are aware of it and we are investigating solutions to this. Please give us some time to do this proper unless you want duping exploits.
  • Auto deposit is a little bugged when sleeping nearby we where not able to reproduce this issue.

PS: You can be of expectance of a lot of updates in the coming days / weeks since our schedule is back on track.

We are aware of the current domain issues

Easy to setup and ready to use ValheimPlus servers can be rented here at with this release version !

Release Date: 05/03/2021


  • Added gathering rates for all harvestable resources
  • Removed time settings until we fixed them
  • Fixed ABM
  • Added a new hotkey to save and paste the rotation of a object from/onto a object in ABM and AEM
  • Fixed stamina drain when running or jumping when using stamina modifications to tools
  • Added cultivator to stamina options
  • All percentage values support -/+ values now
  • Added durability modifiers by item types for axes, pickaxes, weapons, armor etc
  • Added armor rating modifiers
  • Added auto deposit of furnace and kiln to nearby chests
  • Added a option to show the fermenter duration left until done on hover
  • FIxed unarmed damage calculations
  • Fixed wrong output of version with enforceMod to the console
  • Fixed torches and fireplaces behavior
  • Added Crop notification when placing crops to close to other crops nearby
  • Added a option to show your stamina value below your stamina bar
  • Added a inventory additions system including scrollbars
  • Added a option to modify the amount of time items stay on the ground until despawned

Several other fixes that aren't noted, the whole project has been refactored a lot since 0.9.0 / 0.8.7.

More is on the way.

Known Issues


Already fixed, will be deployed tomorrow along side new features already ready for 0.9.4

Easy to setup and ready to use ValheimPlus servers can be rented here at with this release version !

Release Date: 25/02/2021


This update contains a system to automatically sync the server configuration setup with the client on connect.

This update contains the first parts stripped form our networking wrapper that we are working on. Future versions of V+ will include a configuration sync system for other mods to access and use while V+ is installed.

Please keep in mind that we have tested this update and we have not encountered issues. If you encounter issues please open them here on the repository or contact us in the discord.

There might be certain issues, limited to specific features that we are not aware of. Please report them and we will try to fix them as quick as possible. Consider this version to be quickly replaced in the coming hours or days depending on the issues we face. We hope you have patience with us while we try to get this system as reliable as possible on a broad scale.

Thanks to everyone who is continuously supporting us and this project.

Special thanks goes out to all the people contributing to the project right now. We are going to start implementing all pull requests as soon as we are entirely certain that this sync system is issue free.


  • Added the Valheim Plus logo to the main menu.
  • Added fody weaver to pack dependencies.
  • Added a server to client configuration sync system. (This will be improved.)
  • Removed the enforceConfiguration setting option since its no longer required.

If you encounter a "New Version is available" error. Ignore it.

Easy to setup and ready to use ValheimPlus servers can be rented here at with this release version !

Release Date: 23/02/2021


  • Fixed CLI Issues regarding password length of dedicated servers.
  • Fixed several issues regarding the new config file and typos in it. You should replace your old config file.
  • Fixed a issue regarding the server save interval and client sided behavior.
  • The time speed multiplier for night is now correctly increase in %

Easy to setup and ready to use ValheimPlus servers can be rented here at with this release version !

Release Date: 23/02/2021

Settings System

We have adapted a new system to load settings from the config file that now properly loads default values on error. We are working on improving this system further in quality of life for the users.

UNIX Server & BepInEx

This release will contain a different version of BepInEx than the last that combats the issue of not being able to shut down the server appropriately and had issues with SIGINT. You will have to adjust the launch script for UNIX yourself. If you know what you are doing, you will be fine, it has been tested by us in advance. We cannot supply any support for unix unless you are involved with a server hosting company.

New Features


  • Modify the base amount of Unarmed damage multiplied by your unarmed skill level


  • Modify auto save interval
  • Modify server data rate in kilobyte

Workbench and Ward

  • Modify Workbench radius
  • Modify Ward radius

Torches and Fireplaces

  • Disable torches running out of fuel
  • Disable fireplaces running out of fuel

Time and Day Manipulation

  • Modify total time of a day and night cycle
  • Modify the speed of the time passing at night

Structural Integrity / WearNTear

  • Modify the structural integrity of the following materials by a modifier
    • Wood
    • Stone
    • Iron
    • Hardwood
  • Disable structural integrity entirely, allowing you to place objects in free air.

Player Hud

  • Show the experience you gained for a skill in the top left corner
  • Show the amount of items you have in your inventory when crafting or building a object.

Game Difficulty

  • Modify the game difficulty multipliers applied to health and damage of enemies based on the amount of connected players.
  • Change the range of where the game considers other players to be nearby.
  • Add a additional amount of Players to the player count for the difficulty calculation.
  • Set the difficulty calculation to a specific player count.

Skill Experience

  • Modify each skill's experience gain seperately by percent.


  • Change your FOV
  • Change the maximum zoom out distance
  • Change the maximum zoom out distance when in a boat


  • Modify the physical weight of the Wagon received by items inside
  • Modify the base physical weight


  • Activate shared position on map automatically
  • Setting to force other people to share their position with you
  • Remove death marker on the map on collecting your tombstone

Easy to setup and ready to use ValheimPlus servers can be rented here at with this release version !

Release Date: 19/02/2021


This version marks the first version that we are confident in saying that its the most stable and reliable that we have been able to provide yet. There should be minor issues, at worst.

Changelog 0.8

  • Added experience gained notifications at the top left.

  • V+ is now supporting Linux. NOTE Please keep in mind that this is the first version of unix support we are offering. We ask you to be considerate of it. Please note that we do not offer assistance in installation or are willing to explain to you how you can install this mod on your rented unix server. Please contact your respective server hoster for that. WE DO NOT OFFER SUPPORT IN INSTALLING VALHEIM PLUS ON UNIX IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING THIS PACKAGE IS ENOUGH TO GET IT TO WORK

  • Fixed issues related to players not receiving health regeneration from food.

  • Fixed issues in weird AEM and ABM messages being dispatched to close proximity players.

  • Added additional error handling to AEM and ABM, these building modes should be fairly stable and reliable now.

  • Fixed several duping issues with AEM. If you encounter any method of duplicating build objects, please report them in detail, even though they are most likely linked to the network structure of valheim.

Github Release Annotations


From 0.8 onwards every release will be marked by as stable if it has been extensively tested and contains zero or almost no known issues. These versions are extensively tested and try to make sure that they are suited for a broader scale application for servers and users a like.


If a stable release turns out to contain game breaking bugs or severe issues that impact the game in a negative way, the release will be renamed to be called [UNSTABLE] and you can expect a new stable version within the shortest possible timespan.


Releases that potentially contain issues will be marked as [EXPERIMENTAL]. These versions are most likely not going to be ever seen on this repository publicly but I wanted to mention it non the less.

Release Date: 17/02/2021


This version contains additional options regarding version control. Since a lot of people seemingly had problems in understanding it.

New Server Config & Version Control

  • If you have enforceConfiguration and enforceMod enabled, only people with the same configuration and mod version can join your server and you can only join servers with the same mod and configuration.
  • If you have enforceConfiguration and enforceMod disabled, you can join every server including vanilla ones as long as they allow you to. (Meaning they have either no v+ mod installed or enforceMod disabled)
  • If you have enforceConfiguration disabled and enforceMod enabled, you will be able to join every server with v+ installed as long as its the same version.
Release Date: 17/02/2021


This version should be the first to not contain any issues with the provided features. If you are interested in having access to pre-release versions, please join out discord.

New Server Config & Version Control

~~Nobody will able to join any V+ server's without the exact same mod version AND mod configuration! The server and every user that wants to join must have the exact same Configuration file settings. This is intentional and you can turn off only the option to enforce the same client configuration as the server. People will still need v+ installed from now onwards to play on v+ servers, even without enforced configuration.~~ THIS HAS BEEN CHANGED IN 0.7B+ !

; enforce every user trying to join your game or server to have the same mod configuration.
; NOTE: if people want to join your server with a custom configuration, they need to set this setting to false as well.

; enforce every user to atleast have the mod installed when connecting to the server
; turn this off to remove version restrictions from your client and from your server
; if you turn this off you can join vanilla servers, if you turn this off you cannot join modded servers with this enabled or enforceConfiguration enabled.
; this setting overwrites enforceConfiguration


  • New Server and Configuration version control. After this release you are also no longer able to join any V+ server's without the exact same mod version AND mod configuration. The server and every user that wants to join must have the exact same Configuration file settings.

  • Refactored AEM, ABM into their own proper respective classes with a clear structure. This should result in a much more stable and error proof enviroment.

  • AEM now drops all items from a Container before placing it with the modified new position/rotation. This should fix the issue of loosing items in containers when moving them

  • AEM & ABM now show user UI indicators when they are running. Example :

  • AEM & ABM now both provide options to increase and decrease rotation speeds. Use numpad plus and minus to either increase or decrease the speeds, press SHIFT in addition to raise/lower by 10 instead of 1.

  • The option to disable weather damage now properly prevents weather damage instead of every damage to buildings.

  • Food configuration related issues are all resolved.

  • Default values have been adjusted to properly represent the games default values. There has also been added a valheim_plus_default.cfg to have a reference when loading settings

  • Added stamina jump usage configuration

About Game Updates

Game updates are unlikely to do more than partially break ValheimPlus. In case you encounter any issues, use Steam's verify integrity feature- wait for it to download/update all files and then simply unpack the valheim_Data folder from the downloaded package into your game folder again. This should resolve any issues related.

About Client Installation

Download the .zip file and extract it into your game root folder. (Example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Valheim") More on how to install in this video

About Sever Installation

If you want to host a server, you can repeat the usual process of installing the mod just like you would do for your game except that you have to rename the folder valheim_Data to valheim_server_Data before unpacking/moving the files to the server directory. Please be aware that EVERY client(user) that connects needs to have the mod installed to have everything working as intended, in addition to any version after 0.7 of Valheim Plus it will prevent anyone not having the mod from joining modded servers. It will also prevent modded clients from joining unmodded servers.

Release Date: 16/02/2021

New Features

  • Added Stamina Section/Modifiers
  • Added Advanced Editing Mode. Video
  • Option to disable camera shake
  • Option to modify the maximum placement distance of objects in build mode
  • Kiln can now have a adjusted maximum number of wood
  • A version check on game start to see if the plugin has the newest version.

A quick note

This release is severely more stable than any previous one, more tested than the previous one and there is very few things that might be able to go wrong. However I am sorry for every inconvenience that some of my mistakes/bugs might cause for server owners or in general. I do not have people on hand at the moment to test these uploaded versions on a larger and thorough scale. I will change this before the next 0.7 release and make sure that the public releases in the future will be extensively tested and are as stable and reliable as possible. Thanks to everyone who has left me kind words!

How to Install

Download ""and unpack it into your root game folder and overwrite everything when asked.


  • Refactored entire Project for proper structuring
  • Overhaul of the Settings behavior responsible for loading the .ini file
  • ABM null Reference Object error resolved
  • Fixed issues related to Hoe and/or Terrain Tool markers not being displayed properly
  • Added proper handling of TerrainTool and Hoe in conjunction with ABM
  • Fixed Item tooltip behavior and teleport restriction issues
  • Fixed the Kiln settings being reliant on the Furnace settings to be enabled
  • Adjusted the default values in the valheim_plus.cfg
  • Added a configuration setting for [Kiln][maximumWood]
  • Removed [Hotkeys][enabled]
  • Potential issues regarding [Items][baseItemWeight] resolved This stat is also now represented as a % value. (50 == 50% more, -50 == 50% less) This stat is now also possible to be set into a + and - % state
  • Issues regarding [Food][foodDuration] resolved This stat is also now represented as a % value. (50 == 50% more, -50 == 50% less) This stat is now also possible to be set into a + and - % state Next update will contain the changes being reflected in the Item Tooltips again.
  • Added Stamina Section/Modifiers
  • Added a option under [Player] to [disableCameraShake]
  • Added a [Building] option to modify [maximumPlacementDistance] This should improve the quality of life of the default building mode immensely for some people.
  • Advanced Building Mode is now limited to Player vs Piece distance of 25 meters. This should prevent potentially weird issues.
  • Added Advanced Editing Mode.
Release Date: 15/02/2021


  • Advanced Building Mode has been added.

Advanced Building Mode

How it works.

  1. You freeze the item by pressing the configurated key (F1 is default).
  2. You can modify the items position and rotation with the following key combinations:
    • Arrow Up/Down/Left/Right = moves the building object in the respective direction.
    • Arrow Up/Down + Control = moves the building object up and down
    • ScrollWheel = rotates the building object on the Y axis.
    • ScrollWheel + Control = rotates the building object on the X axis.
    • ScrollWheel + left Alt = rotates the building object on the Z axis. (Pressing Shift at any moment in time increases the distance/rotation angle by *3)
  3. Build the object with a mouse click.

Example Video

How to Install

RECOMMENDED Download "" and unpack it into your root game folder and overwrite when asked.

CUSTOM Download "plugins.rar" if you have BepInEx installed and unpack it into "BepInEx\"

(Please check the configuration file to adjust the changes to your liking.)

Release Date: 14/02/2021


  • Fixed Kiln & Furnace issues
  • Added a Hotkey option to bind the Dodge Roll
  • Removed the ability to share map progression from people that do not have their map location shown. (This was required to fix the issues.)
  • Added enable=true/false stat for all features to turn each section on or off entirely


RECOMMENDED Download "" if you do not have BepInEx installed and unpack it into your root game folder and overwrite when asked.

CUSTOM Download "plugins.rar" if you have BepInEx installed and unpack it into "BepInEx\"

(Please check the configuration file to adjust the changes to your liking.)

Release Date: 14/02/2021


  • Fixed twisted logic of no weather deterioration setting
  • Added Server setting to remove server password requirement
  • Added Server setting to modify maximum amount of players
  • Added a entire shared map system


Download "" if you do not have BepInEx installed and unpack it into your root game folder and overwrite when asked.

Download "plugins.rar" if you have BepInEx installed and unpack it into "BepInEx\"

(Please check the configuration file to adjust the changes to your liking.)

I would recommend to currently always download the complete package and replace everything when asked.

Release Date: 13/02/2021


  • Fixed Charcoal Kiln behavior
  • Added a option to disable build object weather damage
  • Configuration file is now called "valheim_plus.cfg"


Download "" if you do not have BepInEx installed. Download "plugins.rar" if you have BepInEx installed and place it into "BepInEx\plugins"

Release Date: 13/02/2021

How to Install

Unpack the entire .rar file contents into your root game folder (Steam\steamapps\common\Valheim) Overwrite all files when asked.

Bugs & Known Issues

Please report any bugs or unintentional behavior via Issues on GitHub.